Wait… Marco Island Is Finally Getting A City Manager?

In another amazing episode of what the tide dragged in, we give you the top news happening on Marco Island! Did you know that there is a beach renourishment happening right now? Yes, the city has decided to take care of a big issue of stagnant water by filling a low point on the beach.

Did you know that the Marco Island fire department had a commencement ceremony for there new fire station on Elkam? After a lightning strike that caused the original station 51 to catch fire while firefighters were on a call, the new station is now open and was built like a fortress to withstand a category 5 storm.

Did you know that Marco islands charter high school is now planning on building a new campus? Yes, that’s right it will be in 3 phases and cost over 12 million dollars to do. But after 7 years of operating out of trailers and continues growing, it is time for building to commence.

Our major news topic is that Marco Island is finally!!!! hiring a new city manager. They are currently in the early stages of hiring and going through applications. Will we get a permanent city manager after 3 interim managers? We all hope so…

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