In episode 3 of What The Tide Dragged in we discuss how your taxes just went up!

We talk about top 10 trends in interior design for 2019.

We also bring you information about some of the events happening around Marco Island.

Did you know Marco Island hired another interim city manager? That’s right we have another interim city manager replacing the last interim city manager! The search continues for Marco Island’s next full-time city manager, but we dive into this new hiring and give you the info you need to know.

Old Marco inn is in discussions with the city of Marco to bring major renovations and additions to there hotel. This could affect some of Marco Island’s smaller businesses within the hotel like Lee Be Fish Company, and Cafe De Marco. We dive into this topic and discuss what the plans entail and what could happen to the local businesses.

Herb Savage was Marco Island’s architect working along with the Mackle Brothers to bring us the beautiful Island we all love. He passed away recently 5 days before his 100th birthday on January 1st, 2019. We pay our respects to the Marco Island legend.

Our main topic of discussion is about the recent 1% tax increase that came into effect. That’s right collier county has voted in favor of a 1% sales tax increase. We dive deeper into this increase and let you know what exactly your hard earned dollars will be contributing to.

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Thank you for watching and Happy New Year!