THE REIMAN PROPERTIES Real Estate Refind is your source for Marco Island news and events.  We will be bringing you news and events happening around the island and also things that you should think about whether your buying, selling, or building a home.

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and talk about THE REIMAN PROPERTIES Real Estate Defined strategy about how we will change how real estate on Marco Island is done.

We also discuss some local news like the 4 boat thefts that occurred that police think are all a coordinated operation.
” All took place in smokehouse bay within one mile of each other.
” They all have the same thing in common Yamaha engines 300 hp or more,
” all have a high fuel capacity
” no newer than 2015
” minimum security
” power to the lift was on.

We also discussed the reopening of the Hilton on Marco Island after 60 Million dollar reno. It Closed in June 2017 because of an electrical fire and water damage.

Our main discussion was about the upcoming city council elections in Marco Island. We discussed each of the upcoming candidates and what each candidate has to offer.  This years midterm election is very important.  Not just for national politics, but for the City of Marco Island as well.  Who we elect into our city council can determine the outcome of what happens in Marco Island.  The city needs a lot of things to change for the better.  Electing good officials that can get things done is very important.

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